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All India UPSC CSE Prelim Free Mock Tests

GS Test I - 7th May 2022

GS Test II - 21st May 2022

About the Prelims Live Tests

Vajiram & Ravi, is conducting a series of 2 FREE All India Live Tests that will simulate the actual prelim test. The students will be ranked based on their marks and receive their All India Rank along with a detailed SWOT analysis as well as question wise analytics.

The tests will be conducted on :

7th May 2022 : 10 AM to 10 PM

21st May 2022 : 10 AM to 10 PM

Please register for the test beforehand as only registered students will be allowed to appear for the tests.

How to Register?

  1. Create an account on VajiramIAS.com or VajiramIAS App. (Mandatory)
  2. Fill the following form : Click here to Register
  3. Once successfully submitted, you will receive the details about the test on 2nd May 2022.

Equipped with AI-Based In-Depth Analysis

All India Rank
Quality Questions
SWOT Analysis
Detailed Explanations
Question Wise Analytics
Peer Comparision
Chart Based Analysis
Topper Comparision

Marks Distribution Graph

This graph shows where the majority of the students stand.
The Peak of the graph signifies the marks that most of the test takers obtained.
The arrow indicates where you stand.

Accuracy Pie-Chart

This chart shows your accuracy while attempting questions and shows the distrubution of your attempts on
  • Correct Questions
  • Incorrect Questions
  • Skipped Questions

Time Pie-Chart

This chart shows the amount of time that you spent on the questions
  • Correct Questions
  • Incorrect Questions
  • Skipped Questions

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