4 days ago

Clarification Regarding Pocket Veto and Money Bills: Update on All India Mock Test 02

Dear Students,

After the recently concluded All India Mock Test 02, there was a debate among students about Q10, as to whether the President of India could use her/his Pocket Veto regarding a Money Bill. After, reverifying the fact again from multiple resources, we have come to the following conclusion.

With respect to a Money Bill, the President may either give or withhold assent. However, by convention, s/he gives assent to the Bill as it is introduced in the Parliament based on her/his recommendation. The pocket veto is not applicable in such a case. A Money Bill cannot be returned to the House by the President for reconsideration.

So, the correct answer to Q10 is Option (a) One only. We have rectified and updated the answer and explanation on the portal. 

Thank you.

2 weeks ago

Important Notice Regarding Lecture Playback Platforms

Dear Students,

We regret to inform you that due to technical difficulties, recorded lectures will only be accessible through the following platforms:

1. VajiramIAS application (available on both Android and iOS devices)

2. Chrome browser (compatible with Windows and MacOS)

We request you to ensure your devices are updated to the latest versions and that all necessary security updates are completed to avoid interruptions while playing the videos.