5 days ago

Prelim Test Series 2020 - GS Test 6 Result

The Result of GS - Test 6 has been announced. 7856 students appeared for GS Test 6 held on 1st December 2019.

Check your result here: GS Test 6 Result

1 week ago

GS Test 7 (22nd December 2019) - Revised Syllabus

Please note that Modern Indian History is part of the syllabus for the 22nd December 2019 G.S Test- 7. Refer the syllabus uploaded.

2 weeks ago

Prelim Test Series 2020 - GS Test 5 Result

7498 Students appeared for GS Test 5 held on 17th November.

The result of the test has been announced.

Check your result here : GS Test 5 Result