1) Impt. Padma awardees (& their work) - FAYAZ AHMAD JAN
Jan. 27, 2019

Padma Shri: in the field of Art-Craft (Kashmir Papier Mache) 

Fayaz Ahmad Jan is an artisan keeping alive the dying art form of Paper Mache from Kashmir. 

About Kashmir Papier Mache: 

  • Papier Mache or Paper Mache is derived from French meaning 'chewed Paper'. 

  • Papier Mache is a composite material consisting of paper pulp reinforced with some adhesive which hardens upon drying and then is painted upon. The products created are generally in the form of vases, bowls boxes, trays and many other small objects. 

  • Procedure: Making a Paper Mache product involves two steps namely Sakhtsazi and Naqashi. Sakhtsazi involves fashioning the base product from the pulp of paper into the desired form while Naqashi is the painting process done over it. 

  • Government initiatives for promoting it: The craft is protected under the Geographic Indication Act 1999. 

  • Background: According to Historians, the Shia community of Kashmir is keeping alive the papier mache art in the Valley since the 14th Mughal kings, were fond of this art and were its patrons.