2) Impt. Padma awardees (& their work) - NARTAKI NATRAJ
Jan. 27, 2019

Padma Shri: in the field of Art-Dance (Bharatnatyam) 

Nartaki Natraj is an eminent Bharatanatyam dance performer of the Nayika Bhava and a transgender rights activist based in Tamil Nadu. She is the first transgender to receive the Padma award. She is considered a role model to have overcome hardships due to her gender. 

Nayika Bhava: 

  • According to the shastras, Nayika Bhava depicts the 8 different mental statuses of women portraying expression in different situations, feeling, sentiments and reactions. 

  • Do you know? The Ashta-Nayika is a central theme in Pahari embroidery used to decorate the Chamba Rumal, produced in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh.