In Past 8 Years, More Women Enrolled in Higher Studies Than Men
Jan. 27, 2024

Why in News?

  • In the last eight years, more women have enrolled in higher education compared to men, according to the 2021-22 All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) released recently.

What’s in Today’s Article?

  • About AISHE Report (Objective, Need, etc.)
  • Key Highlights of the AISHE Report 2021-22 (Institutes, Students Enrolled, Teaching Staff)

About All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) Report:

  • The All-India Survey on Higher Education is the main source of comprehensive statistics on the Higher Education scenario in the country.
  • It is published by the Ministry of Education. The Ministry has been conducting All India Survey on Higher Education since 2011.
  • The survey covers all higher educational institutions located in Indian Territory and imparting higher education in the country.
  • The survey collects detailed information on different parameters such as student enrollment, teacher’s data, infrastructural information, financial information etc.
  • The report is based on voluntary uploading of data by institutions of Higher Education listed in portal.
    • The responsibility for the accuracy of the data rests with the Nodal Officers of concerned Institution.

Key Highlights of the AISHE Report 2021-22:

  • The AISHE report 2021-22 was conducted with reference period as academic session 2021-22.
  • A total of 1,168 Universities/University level Institutions, 45,473 Colleges and 12,002 Stand Alone Institutions were registered in AISHE 2021-22.
  • Of them, 1,162 Universities, 42,825 colleges and 10,576 Stand Alone Institutions have responded in the survey.
  • Number of Institutions:
    • In all, 341 Universities/University level institutions have been established since 2014-15.
    • Out of 1168 Universities registered, 685 are Government managed (Central Govt. 240, State Govt. 445), 10 are Private Deemed (Aided) and 473 are Private (Un-aided).
    • There are 17 Universities exclusively for Women. It was 11 in 2014-15.
    • In 2021-22, there are 18 Open universities (1 Central University, 16 State Universities and 1 State Private University).
  • Student Enrolment in Higher Education:
    • Total enrolment in higher education has increased to nearly 4.33 crore in 2021-22 from 3.42 crores in 2014-15.
    • Female enrolment in Higher Education increases to 2.07 crore (32% increase since 2014- 15).
    • The total number of pass-outs has increased to 1.07 Crore in 2021-22 as against 95.4 Lakh in 2020-21.
  • Caste-wise enrolment
    • Caste breakdown of the total enrolled students in 2021-22:
      • 15.3% belong to Scheduled Caste,
      • 6.3% belong to Scheduled Tribe,
      • 37.8% are from Other Backward Class and
      • remaining 40.6% students are from other communities.
    • Enrolment of Scheduled Caste students has increased to 66.23 lakh in 2021-22 from 58.95 lakh in 2020-21.
    • In case of Scheduled Tribe students, the enrolment has increased to 27.1 lakh in 2021-22 from 24.12 lakh in 2020-21.
    • The enrolment of Scheduled Tribe Female students has increased to 13.46 lakh in 2021- 22 from 12.21 lakh in 2020-21.
    • The Minority enrolment has increased to 30.1 lakh in 2021-22 from 21.8 lakh in 2014-15.
  • State-wise enrolment
    • The top 6 States in terms of Student Enrolment are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Rajasthan.
      • They constitute 53.3% of the total Student Enrolment.
    • Number of foreign students
      • Total number of foreign students enrolled in higher education is 46,878. In 2021-22, highest share of foreign students is from Nepal (28%), followed by Afghanistan (6.7%), United States (6.2%), Bangladesh (5.6%), UAE (4.9%), and Bhutan (3.3%).
    • Teaching Staff in Higher Education:
      • The total number of faculty/teachers in 2021-22 are 15.98 lakh, of which about 56.6% are male and 43.4% are female.
      • Number of teachers has increased by 46,618 in 2021-22 over 2020-21.