Jan. 28, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the 3rd Global Potato Conclave at Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 28th of January 2020. The Potato Conference will be held for 3 days during 28-30 January, 2020.


  • Bodies involved: The Conclave is being organized by Indian Potato Association (IPA) in collaboration with Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, and ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla and International Potato Center (CIP), Lima, Peru.

  • Background: The present conclave is the third in the series. During last two decades two Global Potato Conferences were organized during 1999, and 2008.

  • Aim: The Conclave will provide an opportunity so that all the issues are discussed and future plans are made involving everyone related to the potato sector. 

Source : PIB