May 30, 2020

Foundation Stone for a Missile Park "AGNEEPRASTHA" was laid at INS Kalinga.


  • ‘AGNEEPRASTHA’ aims to capture glimpses of Missile History of INS Kalinga till date. Once completed, it will be dedicated to all the Officers, Sailors and Support Staff of INS Kalinga, who have served in this premier op-support Base of the Eastern Naval Command (ENC).

  • The Missile Park has been set up with a replica of missiles and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) that showcase the evolution of missiles handled by the unit.

  • The main attraction is P-70 'Ametist', an underwater launched anti-ship missile from the arsenal of the old 'Chakra' (Charlie-1 submarine) which was in service with IN during 1988-91. 

Source : The Hindu