Feb. 26, 2020

The first edition of the report analysing the Rajya Sabha MPs’ performance on party lines during the recently concluded Parliament session was released by Rajya Sabha Chairman.

Key findings:

  • The report shows that each political party got a proportional share of time, with the Opposition getting a little more. The BJP, accounting for 34% of the strength of the House, got 480 opportunities amounting to 33% of the total.

  • The Congress, constituting 19% of the strength, got 345 opportunities, which comes to 24% share of the total.

  • The 10 recognised parties in the House with five members and above each with a total of 190 members — accounting for 80% of the strength of the Council — got about 81% of the total opportunities.

  • Others, including regional parties and Independents coming to 20% of the membership of the House, got a 19% share of participation indicating broad correspondence between the strength and share of opportunities.

Source : The Hindu