Sept. 15, 2021

Dr Renu Swarup, Secretary Department of Science and Technology highlighted the importance of cooperation, collaboration and connections for science to move forward, at the BRICS Young Scientists Forum.


  • The BRICS-YSF summits were first hosted by India in 2016, followed by China in 2017, South Africa in 2018, Brazil in 2019, and Russia in 2020.

  • This year the four-day conclave started on 13 September 2021 would end on 16 September.

  • The best young scientist with an idea on innovation would be awarded at the BRICS-YSF 2021.

  • Young innovator prize has been one of the focuses of the BRICS-YSF and the award is supported by the DST, Government of India. The next conclave would be organized by China in 2022.

Source : PIB