Candidates Chess Tournament 2024

April 23, 2024

India’s 17-year-old Grandmaster D Gukesh recently made history by winning the Candidates Chess Tournament in Toronto to become the youngest ever challenger to the world title.

About Candidates Chess Tournament:

  • It is the final event in the World Championship cycle before the World Championship match itself. The International Chess Federation (FIDE) has organized the World Championship cycle since 1948 and the Candidates Tournament since 1950.
  • Since 2013, the Candidates Tournament has occurred every two years. The number of players in the tournament varied over the years, between eight and fifteen players. Currently, it is an eight-player, double round-robin event (that is all-play-all with both colours).
  • Why is the Candidates Tournament Important?
    • It is the second most important tournament in the World Championship cycle, as the winner of the Candidates Tournament plays the reigning world champion in the championship match. 
    • Multiple tournaments are part of the World Championship cycle, but the real point of all of them is to qualify for the Candidates Tournament. 
  • How to qualify for the Candidates Tournament? The methods used to qualify each of the players for the Candidates Tournament most recently were:
    • The runner-up in the previous World Championship match,
    • the top three finishers of the FIDE World Cup,
    • the top two finishers of the FIDE Grand Swiss tournament,
    • the winner of the FIDE Circuit, which tracks tournament results from January to December of the year before the Candidates Tournament,
    • and the player with the highest FIDE rating on January of the year of the Candidates Tournament.