June 19, 2019

Japanese researchers from Hiroshima University have developed a new type of cooling vest for sports athletes that may help them compete safely in sweltering summer conditions.


  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held in the hot and muggy Japanese summer where the ambient temperature is expected to be above 33 degrees Celsius.

  • Because the human body temperature is usually around 37 degrees Celsius, a concern arises if it increases over 40 degrees Celsius. Dehydration, decreased performance and decreased brain function are the dangers when the core body temperature climbs too high.

Cooling Vest:

  • The cooling vest is filled with ice packs and features a collar that can also cool the neck.

  • The aim is to cool the athletes' upper-body skin which can decrease heart rate and temperature of their neck and skin.

  • The research is not just applicable to athletes but to people that exercise in hot conditions.