Sept. 17, 2021

According to a National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, there was a 28% increase in the registration of cases in 2020 in the country compared to 2019, primarily owing to the violation of COVID-19 norms.


  • An almost 21-fold jump was recorded in cases of disobedience to the order duly promulgated by public servant, and over four times in cases involving violations of other State local laws,

  • Crimes against Scheduled Castes, with a total of 50,291 cases, showed an increase of 9.4%. Simple hurt with 32.9% (16,543) formed the largest chunk, followed by cases under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act with 8.5% (4,273) and cases under criminal intimidation with 7.5% (3,788).

  • A total of 66,01,285 cognisable crimes, comprising more than 42.54 lakh Indian Penal Code (IPC) offences and over 23.46 lakh Special & Local Laws (SLL) crimes, were registered in 2020, the report noted.

  • Crime rate registered per lakh population has increased from 385.5 in 2019 to 487.8 in 2020.

  • As the country remained under complete lockdown from March 25 to May 31 last year during the first wave of COVID-19, cases of crime against women, children and senior citizens, theft, burglary, robbery and dacoity declined.

  • Cases of murder showed a marginal increase of 1% to 29,193.

Source : The Hindu