Aug. 24, 2018

Government is seeking “stricter directions” from the Supreme Court (SC) to service providers, (Facebook, YouTube) due to inadequate steps by them to curb circulation of online videos of sexual violence against women and children.

Demands made to SC by Union Govt:

  1. Service providers should reduce the time taken by to comply with content removal requests under the IT Act to less than 10 hours from about 36 hours at present.

  2. Besides deploying ‘proactive monitoring tools’, service providers should employ agencies for removal of sexually violent content (esp. related to child pornography and rape).

  3. Services providers should share certain data with law enforcement agencies to identify the origin of such content. The issue of tracing the origin of “unlawful” content is already a bone of contention between the government and WhatsApp due to its misuse to spread fake news.

Source : The Hindu