Feb. 27, 2020

The US First Lady Melania Trump visited a Sarvodaya School in Delhi, and the central focus of her visit were the “happiness classes”, which are held in Delhi government schools every morning for students from Class I to Class VIII.


  • The happiness curriculum class is one of the flagship schemes of the Delhi government in the education sector launched in July 2018 in all government schools.

  • The curriculum is designed for students of classes nursery through the eighth standard.

  • The learning outcomes of this curriculum are spread across four categories:
    • becoming mindful and attentive;

    • developing critical thinking and reflection;

    • developing social-emotional skills and

    • developing a confident and pleasant personality.

  • For the evaluation, no examinations are conducted, neither will marks be awarded. The assessment under this curriculum is qualitative, focusing on the “process rather than the outcome.”