Dec. 30, 2020

Union Minister of Earth Sciences inaugurated the web-based application “Digital Ocean (” developed by INCOIS of M/o Earth sciences.


  • Digital Ocean is a first of its kind digital platform for Ocean Data Management.

  • It includes a set of applications developed to organize and present heterogeneous oceanographic data by adopting rapid advancements in geospatial technology.

  • It facilitates an online interactive web-based environment for data integration, 3D and 4D data visualization, data analysis to assess the evolution of oceanographic features, data fusion and multi-format download of disparate data from multiple sources

  • ‘Digital Ocean’ will help to share knowledge about the ocean with a wide range of users including research institutions, operational agencies, strategic users, academic community, maritime industry and policy makers. Digital Ocean also provides free access to information to the general public and the common man.

Source : The Hindu