Oct. 29, 2019

A court in Hong Kong has issued a temporary order, in effect until November 8, banning the practice of ‘doxxing’.


  • Doxxing (also spelt as ‘doxing’) means to publicly identify or publish private information about someone, especially with the intention of punishing or taking revenge.

  • Doxxing first emerged as hacker slang for obtaining and posting private documents about an individual, usually a rival or enemy. To hackers, who prized their anonymity, doxxing was considered a cruel attack.

  • In Hong Kong, protesters have been releasing information about police officers and their families, thereby opening them up to targeted violence or harassment and abuse, either physically or online.

  • Doxxing has emerged as one of the major tactics employed by pro-democracy protesters who have been carrying out relentless, sometimes violent, demonstrations that the administration has found impossible to suppress for over four months now.