Nov. 30, 2018

Union Finance Minister has suggested new Federal institution for healthcare and agriculture sectors similar to the GST Council to coordinate State and Central policies and schemes.


  • Speaking at the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Health Summit, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the GST Council, which comprised the Union and State Finance Ministers, was a successful experiment in practical federalism.

  • Similar to the GST Council, Indian healthcare and agriculture sectors also need a federal institution to coordinate State and Central policies and schemes.

  • It is because, while “BOTH HEALTH AND AGRICULTURE ARE STATE SUBJECTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION”, Centrally sponsored schemes are carried out in both sectors.

  • Both the Centre and the States spent resources, ran schemes, and established hospitals and other institutions.

  • But by having a federal body, Implementation would be the responsibility of the States, with the Centre responsible for coordination.

Source : The Hindu