Sept. 11, 2019

As populist movements gain strength across the world, attention has turned to Italy, where members of Italy's Five Star Movement (M5S) voted in favour of forming a coalition government with the centre-left Democratic party (PD).


  • The Five Star Movement (M5S) is a political party in Italy.

  • It was founded in 2009 by Beppe Grillo and quickly grew. It was borne out of apparent frustration with the political establishment in a country with a stagnant economy and widespread corruption at the highest echelons.

  • The "five stars" are a reference to five key issues for the party: (1) public water, (2) sustainable transport, (3) sustainable development, (4) right to Internet access, and (5) environmentalism.

  • The M5S is variously considered populist, anti-establishment, environmentalist, anti-globalist and Eurosceptic.

  • Since its inception in 2009, the M5S has risen to become one of the most voted-for parties in Italy. In the 2018 general election, the M5S became the largest individual party in the Italian Parliament and entered government.

Source : The Hindu