Nov. 27, 2019

The Supreme Court has ordered a floor test in the Maharashtra legislative Assembly.


  • What is a floor test? A floor test is the determination on the floor of the House (in this case, the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha) whether the Chief Minister commands the support of the majority of the MLAs.

  • How is it done? This can be done by means of a voice vote, or by recording the vote of each MLA in the House. This determination of majority is done in a sitting of the legislature, for which the legislature has to be convened.

  • Who will order the convening of the Legislative Assembly? Under the Constitution, the Governor convenes the session of the legislature. But on multiple occasions in the past, the Supreme Court has ordered the convening of the Assembly to hold the floor test.

  • And who will conduct the floor test in the Legislative Assembly?
    • The proceedings of a legislature are presided over by the Speaker.

    • Often, in cases where an immediate floor test is ordered, the election of the Speaker is taken up after the conclusion of the floor test. In the absence of a Speaker, the Governor appoints one of the MLAs as the pro tem Speaker to perform the duties of the Speaker.