June 24, 2022

In June 2022, China launched its third aircraft carrier named 'Fujian', the country's most advanced as well as the first "fully domestically built" naval vessel, as an aggressive Beijing sought to project its naval power in the strategic Indo-Pacific region.


  • Fujian is the name of China's eastern coastal province of Fujian. Fujian, in the southeast, is the closest province to Taiwan, a self-ruling province that China says must be reunified with the mainland, even by force.
  • China's first aircraft carrier, the 'Liaoning', was a refit of the Soviet-era ship commissioned in 2012 followed by the indigenously built 2nd aircraft carrier 'Shandong' in 2019. Liaoning and Shandong are names of two provinces of China.
  • China plans to have around five aircraft carriers. The next aircraft carrier China plans to build is expected to be nuclear-powered.
Source : The Hindu