April 30, 2019

Six people from around the world have been selected for the Goldman prize for grassroots environmental activism.


  • Objective: To honour those grassroots environmentalists who risk their lives to protect the environment and empower those people who have the most to lose from industrial projects.

  • Selection procedure:
    • The Prize honours grassroots environmental heroes from the world’s six inhabited continental regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands & Island Nations, North America, and South & Central America.

    • Winners are selected from nominations made by environmental organisations and others.

    • Generally, the winners are announced every April to coincide with Earth Day.

  • Established in: 1989. 

  • Established by: Philanthropists Richard and Rhoda Goldman. 

  • Awarded annually by: Goldman Environmental Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

  • Cash prize: $200,000. 

  • Indians to win this award in past: Prafulla Samantara, Medha Patkar, M.C. Mehta, Rasheeda Bi, Champaran Shukla and Ramesh Agrawal. 

Source : The Hindu