Aug. 25, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland, an autonomous province of Denmark. Upon being told that Greenland was not, in fact, for sale, Trump promptly cancelled a planned state visit to Denmark for what he termed the Danish PM’s “nasty” remarks.


  • Location: Greenland, an autonomous province of Denmark, is located to the north east of Canada.

  • Demography: Most of its inhabitants are Inuit whose ancestors migrated from Canada.

  • Capital: Nuuk. 

  • Governance: The autonomous Danish dependent territory has limited self-government and its own parliament. While its government decides on domestic matters, foreign and security policy is handled by Denmark.

  • Economy: Denmark contributes two thirds of Greenland's budget revenue, the rest coming mainly from fishing. 


  • The US President wants to buy the Danish territory as it is in a crucial strategic location in case tensions with Russia rise - but admits it's not a No1 priority.

  • Potential oil, gas and rare earth mineral reserves have also attracted prospecting firms.

Legal Obstacles To Sale

  • Any sale would require a change to Greenland’s legal status through an amendment to Denmark’s constitution. Since 2009 Greenland has held the right to declare independence from Denmark. If Greenland do so, it could choose to become associated with the United States.

  • But few Greenlanders see independence as viable given their economic dependence on Denmark, part of the affluent European Union.

Source : The Hindu