Nov. 30, 2019

The Union Minister for Consumer Affairs announced that Notification for mandatory Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery & Artefacts across the nation will be issued on 15th January, 2020 giving one year time period for implementation.


  • The BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) Act 2016 has enabling provisions under Section 14 & Section 16 for making hallmarking of gold jewellery and artefacts mandatory by the Central Government.

  • This will make it compulsory for all the jewellers selling gold jewellery and artefacts to register with BIS and sell only hallmarked Gold jewellery and artefacts.

  • The draft Quality Control Order for mandatory hallmarking of gold jewellery and artefacts has been hosted on WTO website on 10th October 2019 for comments for a period of 60 days.

  • As on 31st October 2019 there are 877 Assaying and hallmarking centres spread in 234 district locations across the country and so far 26,019 jewellers have taken BIS registration. 

Source : PIB