Aug. 29, 2021

Hari Singh Nalwa, a legendary Sikh commander, tamed the turbulent forces at play in Afghanistan and earned the reputation of the most feared Sikh warrior there.


  • Hari Singh Nalwa was one of the main and most trustworthy commanders of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s force. He remained Governor of Kashmir, Hazara and Peshawar.

  • He defeated various Afghans and established control over various regions along the boundary of Afghanistan and prevented Afghans from entering Punjab through Khyber pass, which was the main route to enter India by the foreign invaders from 1000 AD till early 19th century.

  • In 1818, Sikh army under Nalwa won the Battle of Peshawar and Nalwa was asked to be stationed there. Nalwa took control over Jamrud in 1837, a fort at the entryway to Afghanistan through Khyber Pass.

  • For his bravery and ferocity, the government of India released a stamp on the name of Nalwa in 2013.