Feb. 28, 2020

The ninth edition of the Hurun Global Rich List was recently released.

Key findings of the list:

  • The Hurun Global Rich List 2020 has a list of 2,817 individuals across the globe having a networth of USD 1 billion or more.

  • The world has added 480 billionaires in 2019, more than one a day, while China added more than three a week and India did more than three billionaires a month.

  • China and the US occupied the first and second spot with 799 and 626 billionaires, respectively.

  • India added 34 new billionaires to take the count to 138 on the list which has helped the country to feature at the third position globally.

  • China (799) is home to more billionaires than the US (626) and India combined.

  • Mumbai is the home to more than a third of the richest individuals in the country with 50 of them living in the megapolis, making it the ninth richest city globally, followed by New Delhi with 30, Bengaluru with 17 and Ahmedabad with 12.

  • With USD 67 billion in networth, Mukesh Ambani (minting Rs 7 crore every hour) is also the ninth richest in the world which is topped by Jeff Bezos of Amazon with USD 140 billion.

  • Oyo founder Ritesh Agarwal, just 24 years old, is the youngest Indian in the rich list with a networth of USD 1.1 billion.