June 23, 2022

An Adani project in Sri Lanka is yet again at the centre of a controversy, after a top official of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) told a parliamentary panel that a renewable energy project in the island’s northern Mannar district was given to the Adani Group after PM Narendra Modi “pressured” President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.


  • The energy project is the second major venture in Sri Lanka involving the Adani Group, after it bagged a strategic port terminal deal in Colombo.
  • The Group was brought in to execute the West Container Terminal project at the Colombo Port, with majority stakes, after Colombo unilaterally cancelled a trilateral agreement among the governments of Sri Lanka and India and Japan to jointly build the East Container Terminal at the same port.
  • The Adani Group, Sri Lankan Ministers have said, was the Indian government’s “nominee” in both cases, indicating there was no competitive bidding process.
  • Further, India is also executing hybrid energy projects in three islands off Jaffna Peninsula, after displacing a Chinese energy project. 
Source : The Hindu