Dec. 31, 2019

Union Environment Minister released the India State of Forest Report 2019 in New Delhi.

Key findings of the report:

  • The total tree and forest cover in the country has increased by 5,188 square kilometres in the last two years which includes an increase of 3,976 sq. km (0.56 per cent) of forest cover and 1,212 sq. km (1.29 per cent) of tree cover.

  • The total tree and forest cover is around 25 per cent of the geographical area of the country.

  • Karnataka tops the list of states followed by Andhra Pradesh and Kerala in terms of increase in forest cover.

  • Forest cover in the hill districts of the country is 2,84,006 sq. km, which is 40.30% of the total geographical area of these districts. The current assessment shows an increase of 544 sq. km (0.19 per cent) in 140 hill districts of the country.

  • There has been a decrease of forest cover to the extent of 765 sq. km (0.45%) in the north-east region. Except Assam and Tripura, all states in the region show a decrease in the forest cover.