Dec. 28, 2019

A German student at IIT Madras has said he was asked to leave India for participating in a protest against CAA and NRC. As it happens, IIT Madras was established with the help of West German technical expertise.


  • Nehru wanted Indian engineering schools to be among the best in the world, so he enlisted some of the leading higher education institutions of the West to develop them.

  • The first IIT at Kharagpur in West Bengal established in 1951 drew faculty members from the US, UK, Ireland, France, USSR, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Poland.

  • For the second IIT at Bombay, UNESCO arranged the donation of equipment and technical expertise from the Soviet Union and other Eastern bloc countries in 1956

  • The third IIT was set up at Madras in 1959 after West Germany offered assistance to set up the institute during Prime Minister Nehru’s visit to the country in 1956.

  • Established in 1959, IIT Kanpur was developed under a collaboration with American researchers.