Aug. 29, 2018

An MoU for implementation of the 362 km Indore- Manmad New Railway Line Project has been signed.


  • The MoU was signed between –
    • Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust- Ministry of Shipping,

    • Ministry of Railways,

    • Government of Maharashtra and

    • Government of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Project details:
    • Earlier, Containers and other rail traffic from Indore had to pass through Vadodara and Surat to reach Mumbai, Pune and ports like JNPT, travelling a distance of 815 km.

    • The new project will reduce the distance from Mumbai/Pune to key central India locations by 171 km.

  • Implementation mechanism:
    • The implementation of the project will be through the Indian Port Rail Corporation Limited (IPRCL) on Joint Venture SPV model

    • A Joint Venture Company will be formed between Ministry of Shipping with equity share of 55%, Government of Maharashtra, Government of Madhya Pradesh, and others with equity share of 15 % each.

  • Duration: The project will be constructed within 6 years.

  • Project benefits: The project will reduce the logistics cost for the cargo centres. By providing an alternate route, it will reduce congestion on the existing lines.

Source : PIB