May 31, 2019

During an informal plenary meeting of the Inter-Governmental Negotiations (IGN) for reforms, India criticised the slow pace of UN Security Council reform process.


  • Reform of the Security Council has been a subject of interest for many Member States especially since the end of the Cold War, by which point global geopolitical realities had clearly shifted since 1945.

  • In 2007, UN Member States decided to move discussions to an Intergovernmental Negotiations (IGN) process.

  • Issues under discussion: According to a decision taken in 2008, the five key issues under consideration in these negotiations are –
    • Categories of membership to the Security Council (i.e. permanent, non-permanent, or a third option),

    • The question of the veto,

    • Regional representation,

    • Size of an enlarged council and working methods, and

    • The relationship between the Council and the General Assembly.