May 31, 2019

International Day of UN Peacekeepers was observed on May 29 with the theme “Protecting Civilians, Protecting Peace”.


  • Date of observance: May 29.

  • Why may 29: The first UN peacekeeping mission was established on 29th May 1948, when the Security Council authorized the deployment of a small number of UN military observers to the Middle East.

  • Objective of the day: To pay tribute to the invaluable contribution by the uniformed and civilian personnel and to honour more than 3,800 peacekeepers who have lost their lives while rendering peacekeeping services.

  • 2019 Theme: This year’s campaign theme for the Day is “Protecting Civilians, Protecting Peace”, chosen to mark the 20th anniversary of the first time that the Security Council explicitly mandated a peacekeeping mission to protect civilians (UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone from 1999 until 2005).