April 29, 2019

A local mango variety called Ishad is facing the threat of becoming rare in its homeland, Ankola of Uttara Kannada district, due to competition from hybrid varieties.


  • Growth Regions: Ishad is a local mango variety from Ankola in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka.

  • Varieties: The mango has two variants — Kari Ishad, which has thin skin, more pulp and is sweeter, and Bili Ishad, which has thick skin and has less pulp and sweetness.

  • Harvesting season: The mango is harvested from mid-May.

  • Demand of Pulp: The mango has a short shelf life of not more than two or three days. But its pulp lasts more than a year. The pulp of Ishad Mango has been extracted for over a century for making value-added products.

Source : The Hindu