Kamlang Tiger Reserve

Sept. 28, 2023

Around 20 different butterfly species were recently identified and recorded during a ‘Butterfly walk & nature trail’ organised by the Kamlang Tiger Reserve.

About Kamlang Tiger Reserve:

  • Location: It is located in the southeastern part of Lohit District in Arunachal Pradesh near the border with Myanmar.
  • It is named after the Kamlang River, which flows through the reserve and joins the Brahmaputra. 
  • It is spread between the famed Namdapha National Park on its south and Lang River on its north.
  • The local inhabitants are Hishmi, Digaru and Mizo.
  • Landscape: It encompasses a diverse range of landscapes, including dense tropical forests, grasslands, rivers, and hills.
  • Climate: It enjoys a sub-tropical climate as it falls within the sub-tropical zone.
  • Vegetation:
    • The vegetation may broadly be classified into tropical, temperate and alpine.
    • The lower reaches and foothills of the region are covered with tropical wet evergreen forests, while the alpine vegetation dominates the higher altitudes.
  • Flora: Common species of trees in the reserve include Ammora wallichi (Amari), Gmelina arborea (Gamari), Terminalia chebula (Hillika), Canarium resigniferum (Dhuna) and many others.
  • Fauna:
    • All four big cats, including the Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Leopard and Tiger, are the common inhabitants. 
    • Certain endangered species, such as Himalayan Palm Civets, Leopard Cat, Slow Lories and Hoolock Gibbon, can also be spotted in the sanctuary. 
    • Other species commonly found here are Giant and Flying Squirrels, Hornbills, Deer, Civets, Boar, Capped Langur, Stump Tailed Macaque etc.