Jan. 14, 2020

The ‘Levels and Trends in Child Mortality’ report was released by the United Nations (UN) inter-agency group for child mortality.

Global scenario:

  • A child or a young adolescent died every five seconds in 2018. The major causes of neonatal mortality are pre-term birth, intrapartum related events, and neonatal infection.

  • Half of all under-5 deaths in 2018 occurred in five countries: India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia. India and Nigeria alone account for about a third.

  • Current trends predict that close to 10 million 5- to 14-year-olds, and 52 million children under 5 years of age, will die between 2019 and 2030.

  • In 2018, fewer countries showed gender disparities in child mortality, and across the world, boys are expected to have a higher probability of dying before reaching age 5 than girls. But this trend was not reflected in India. 

Source : The Hindu