Nov. 28, 2019

Lokpal Chairman Justice (retired) Pinaki Chandra Ghose launched the new logo for the apex anti-corruption ombudsman. A new motto was also adopted.


  • The new motto of Lokpal is ‘Ma Gridhah Kasyasvidhanam’ which in English means “Do not be greedy for anyone’s wealth.”

  • It has been taken from a sloka of ‘Ishabasoupanishad’.


  • The logo symbolises how Lokpal protects and cares for the people of India by establishing justice as per law.

  • The logo symbolizes various essence of LOKPAL figuratively in shapes such as: ombudsman (judges bench), people (three human figures), vigilance (Ashok chakra forming eye–pupil), law (shape of book in orange) and judicial (the tricolor two hands are placed below forming a unique balance). The logo is in tricolor representing the national essence of LOKPAL.