June 27, 2019

Pakistan will unveil a life-size sculpture of Maharaja Ranjit Singh on June 27, on the eve of 180th death anniversary of the Sikh ruler, in Lahore.


  • The statue has been located in an open space outside the Mai Jindian Haveli in Lahore Fort, close to the building that houses the Ranjit Singh samadhi. The haveli is named after Ranjit Singh’s youngest queen. 

  • The life-size statue, pictures of which were released on social media, shows Maharaja Ranjit Singh, riding his favourite Arabic horse Kahar Bahar. The Arabic horse was gifted to him by Dost Muhammad Khan, the founder of the Barazkai dynasty. 

  • In 2003, a 22-feet tall bronze statue of Ranjit Singh was installed in the Parliament of India. Not only in India but in a French town called Saint Tropez, that had military links with Punjab, installed a bronze bust of Ranjit Singh in 2016.