Namdapha Tiger Reserve

March 18, 2023

Recently, a tiger spotted in the Namdapha Tiger Reserve after an eight-year gap could have helped uncover timber ‘depots’ deep inside India’s easternmost tiger reserve.

About Namdapha Tiger Reserve:

  • Namdapha Tiger Reserve is located in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Namdapha is the name of a river which originates from Daphabum and meets the Noa-Dehing river.
  • This river flows right across in a North-South direction of the National Park and hence the name Namdapha has been given.
  • This protected area is wedged between the Dapha Bum ridge of Mishmi Hills, of North Eastern Himalayas and the Patkai Ranges.
  • Flora: Evergreen Forests, Moist deciduous forests, sub-tropical forests, Temperate Forests and Alpine. 
  • Fauna: Earthworms, Butterflies & Moths, Amphibians, Reptiles etc.