New Species of Gecko

May 25, 2023

A team of researchers have identified a new species of rock dwelling large-bodied gecko from the Pakkamalai hills.

Abour new Species:

  • The first ever sighting of this gecko and the new species has been named as Hemidactyluspakkamalaiensis, after the hill where it was recorded.
  • It belongs to the genus Hemidactylus and it is havinglarge-body size (101–109 mm).
  • The new species is closely related to  graniticolus from which it can be distinguished by its lower femoral pores count.

About Pakkamalai hills:

  • It is located in Villupuram district of Tamilnadu near Gingee.
  • It is a biodiversity-rich area and has large mammals including leopards and sloth bears.
  • It is an ecologically important area in the Eastern Ghats.