June 30, 2019

According to official data, only 20% of Nirbhaya Fund has been used by States until 2018.

Key findings:

  • The States and UTs have utilised less than 20% of the budget allocated to them under the Nirbhaya Fund for safety of women by the Central government between 2015 and 2018.

  • Of the ₹854.66 crore released by the Centre, a mere ₹165.48 crore has been spent by various States and UTs on different schemes launched by the Centre as well as other schemes for which the local governments sought funds.

  • The top five States/ UTs ranked in terms of utilisation of money across various schemes under the Nirbhaya Fund were: Chandigarh (59.83%), Mizoram (56.32%), Uttarakhand (51.68%), Andhra Pradesh (43.23%) and Nagaland (38.17%).

  • The worst five States/UTs include: Manipur, Maharashtra, Lakshadweep – which didn’t spend even a single penny – and were followed by West Bengal (0.76%) and Delhi (0.84%).

Source : The Hindu