Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle

July 10, 2024

Recently, the Prime Minister was awarded Russia’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, during his visit to the country.

About Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle:

  • The award is given to prominent government and public figures, military leaders, and outstanding representatives of science, culture, art, and various sectors of the economy for exceptional services to Russia.
  • Tsar Peter the Great (1672–1725) established the Order of Saint Andrew in 1698.
  • It can also be awarded to heads of foreign states for outstanding services to the Russian Federation.
  • Its name comes from Saint Andrew, who is believed to be one of the apostles or 12 original followers of Jesus. After Christ’s crucifixion, the apostles are said to have travelled great distances to spread his message.
  • The award consists of
    • The chain of the Order consists of 17 alternating links and features a gilded image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation, a double-headed eagle.
    • It also includes a badge, a star, and a light blue silk moire ribbon. For those recognised for distinction in combat, the badge and star are adorned with swords.
  • The order was abolished in 1918 following the Russian Revolution, which overthrew the Tsarist regime. It was re-established in 1998 by an Executive Order of the President of Russia.
  • Other recipients: Mikhail Kalashnikov, Sergey Mikhalkov, Mikhail Gorbachev, Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Alexy II, and the current head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Krill.
  • Foreign leaders who have been honoured in the past include Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2017, and the former President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.