Nov. 30, 2018

Minister of State for Chemicals & Fertilizers informed in a statement that PCPIRs in India have registered good progress in attracting Investments for Industrial Development and generating Employment.


  • Objective: Under the cluster-based development model, the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, under Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers has identified 4 PCPIRs to promote investment and industrial development in these sectors.

  • List of PCPIRs: The 4 approved PCPIRs are in the state of: (1) Gujarat (Dahej), (2) Odisha (Paradeep), (3) Andhra Pradesh (Vishakhapatnam) and Tamil Nadu (Cuddalore and Naghapattinam).

  • Features:
    • Each PCPIR is a specifically delineated region having an area of about 250 sq. km. wherein 40% of the area has to be for processing activities.

    • The PCPIR is envisioned to reap the benefits of co-siting, networking and greater effiencies through use of common infrastructure and support services.

    • The State Government carry out Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and lead the project implementation.

    • Government of India is ensuring infrastructure development in the PCPIRs through highways, rail link, ports, airport etc. through Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects to the extent possible.

  • Benefits: The 4 PCPIRs are in advanced stages of implementation. Upon completion, these PCPIRs will have an estimated investment of approximately Rs. 8 lakh crores and are expected to generate employment for approximately 40 lakh people.

Source : PIB