Project Udbhav

May 24, 2024

The Indian Army, under its initiative Project Udbhav, is delving into the epic battles of the Mahabharata and the strategic brilliance of past Indian dynasties, shaping India's rich military heritage.

About Project Udbhav:

  • It is collaboration between the Indian Army and the United Service Institution of India(USI), a defence services think tank.
  • The project, named ‘Udbhav’, translates to ‘origin’ or ‘genesis’, recognizing the profound knowledge embedded in our nation’s historical texts spanning centuries.
  • At its core, the project seeks to amalgamate ancient insights with modern military practices, creating a comprehensive approach to tackle present-day security challenges.
  • Aim: This initiative aims to bridge the gap between age-old wisdom and contemporary military education.
  • India’s ancient knowledge system, rooted in a 5000-year-old civilizational legacy, boasts a repository of intellectual texts and manuscripts.
  • Project Udbhav, as per MoD, aims to facilitate a profound understanding of these systems and their enduring relevance in the modern era.
  • This project takes inspiration from
    • Literature like Chanakya's Arthashastra underscores the importance of strategic partnerships, alliances and diplomacy, aligning with modern military practices such as international cooperation and soft power projection.
    • Chanakya’s teachings on statecraft and warfare are studied by various institutions the world over.
    • Similarly, the wisdom of Thirukkural, the classical Tamil text authored by Thiruvalluvar, the Tamil philosopher, advocates ethical conduct in all endeavours, including warfare.
    • This aligns with modern military codes of ethics of just war and principles of Geneva Convention.