March 31, 2019

Ramappa temple is in the waiting list to be recognized as a standalone UNESCO site, the first in Telangana.


  • Names: Ramappa Temple is also known as the Ramalingeswara temple. The temple is named after the sculptor Ramappa, who built it, and is perhaps the only temple in India to be named after a craftsman who built it, rather than the king who commissioned it or its presiding deity. 

  • Location: It lies in a valley at Palampet village, near Warangal, Telangana. 

  • History: An inscription in the temple dates it to the year 1213 AD, during the period of the Kakatiya Dynasty rule. 

  • Features: 
    • The temple is a Shivalaya, where Lord Ramalingeswara is worshipped. 

    • It stands on a 6 ft high star-shaped platform. 

    • The main structure is in a reddish sandstone. 

    • The temple columns are made of black basalt and are carved as mythical animals or female dancers or musicians, and are the masterpieces of Kakatiya art, notable for their delicate carving, sensuous postures and elongated bodies and heads. 

Source : The Hindu