July 3, 2020

A "very rare" Red Coral Kukri snake was spotted in the Dudhwa National Park in Uttar Pradesh's Lakhimpur Kheri.


  • Red Coral Kukri is a nocturnal non-venomous reptile feeding on insects and worms.

  • It gets its name from its red orange colour and its teeth, which are shaped like Nepali "khukri" to break eggs.

  • The reptile was first sighted in Dudhwa in 1936 and even its zoological name "oligodon Kheriensis" finds its roots in its Kheri-specific location.

  • Sightings of this brightly-coloured snake are rare - it was seen last year for the first time after a gap of almost 82 years. This is only the fourth sighting of the Red Coral Kukri snake in the last couple of years - which in itself is a marked increase from earlier sightings. 

Source : NDTV