Jan. 14, 2020

Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Assam, has recorded 96 species of wetland birds, as per the second wetland bird count conducted by officials of the park.

Key findings:

  • The second wetland bird count revealed a total of 19,225 birds belonging to 96 species of 80 families. The first wetland bird count, conducted in 2018, revealed a total of 10,412 birds covering 80 species under 21 families.

  • With 6,181 individuals, the bar-headed goose led the species count, followed by the common teal at 1,557 and northern pintail at 1,359. All three belong to the family anatidae.

  • More than half the birds (9,924) and 85 of 96 species were recorded in Agoratoli Range of the park because Sohola, the largest of Kaziranga’s 92 perennial wetland, falls in this range. 

Source : The Hindu