Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes (SATHI)

Nov. 20, 2023

The Centre’s move to cancel a call for proposals under the Department of Science and Technology (DST)’s SATHI programme has sparked fears among higher education institutions

About Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes (SATHI):

  • It is an initiative by the Department of Science and Technology to boost access to research and testing facilities and address problems of accessibility, maintenance, redundancy, and duplication of expensive equipment in Institutions.
  • It aims to set up a shared, professionally managed Science and Technology (S&T) infrastructure facility which can be readily accessible to academia, start-ups, manufacturing units, industries, and R&D labs
  • Such S&T infrastructure will be known as the Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institute (SATHI).
  • These Centres will be equipped with major analytical instruments and advanced manufacturing facilities which are usually not available at Institutes / Organisations.
  • It would encourage and ensure the establishment of a National Network of Laboratories and testing facilities tightly linked to global standards
  • SATHI facilities will be used for 80% of their available time by external users, e. outside of the host institutes and the remaining 20% of their available time by internal users of the host institute.
  • The usage of the facility will be guided by the basic principle of maximum and effective utilization and accessibility for all.
  • The facilities provided by the SATHI may be utilized by any user or organization upon payment of nominal charges. 
  • Funding:
    • Proposals from well-established, internationally competitive S&T host institutes / R&D Centres / Organizations irrespective of their status as Government / NonGovernment, from State/ Central Universities, are invited through networking and a cluster approach. 
    • The upper limit of funding support from DST would be Rs 60.0 crore for 4 years for acquiring only state-of-the-art national facilities.
    • A not-for-profit Section-8 company as well as a Governing Body (GB) formation are compulsory in consortium mode with the support of the granting agency.
  • Duration: The duration of support for the SATHI Project will be for a period not exceeding 4 years.