July 31, 2022

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has called on workers in the public and private sectors to stop wearing ties, as an energy-saving measure in the heat.


  • Mr Sanchez said, his government will adopt urgent energy-saving measures on as European countries strive to become less dependent on Russian gas in the wake of the war in Ukraine.
  • Over the past few weeks, Europe has experienced record-high temperatures.
  • Prime Minister Sanchez said, not wearing ties will ensure people stay cooler and therefore lower energy costs because air conditioners will be used less often.
  • Spain is not the first to take this move. In 2011, Japan introduced its "Super Cool Biz" campaign, which encouraged office workers to wear cooler clothes in summer.
  • And during sweltering temperatures in the UK recently, politicians were told they could ditch their suit jackets while in the House of Commons.