Oct. 9, 2019

Recently Punjab University, Chandigarh, had proposed to merge Department of Urdu language with school of foreign languages. The move earned huge criticism with Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh also saying that Urdu is an Indian language like any other Indian language.


  • According to the Urdu Language experts, all the historical references indicate that origin of Urdu had taken place in Punjab state of India several centuries back.

  • Historians said that it had developed and flourished in Delhi during the period of ‘Delhi Sultanate’ from 12th to 16th century and then during the period of ‘Mughal Empire’ in Delhi from 16th century to 19th century

  • Before it is called Urdu, it was familiar with other names including Hindustani, Hindavi, Dehlavi and Rekhta.

Similarity with Punjabi Shahmukhi language:

  • We write it from right to left but the same was the case of Punjabi Shahmukhi language which was also written right to left.

  • Despite its Persian script, Urdu is an Indian language because several Indian languages like Punjabi Shahmukhi language is also written in Persian Script.