What is Dumbo Octopus?

Sept. 28, 2023

US Scientists recently came across a rare "Dumbo" octopus in the midst of their exploration of the North Pacific Ocean.

About Dumbo Octopus:

  • They are known as the deepest living of all octopus species.
  • Genus: Grimpoteuthis spp.
  • They get their name from their distinctive flapping fins that bear a striking resemblance to the oversized ears of the iconic Disney elephant character.
  • There are about 17 species of Dumbo octopus that belong to a group called “umbrella octopus,” because they are able to float with an umbrella-like look to their mantle
  • Distribution: Worldwide in tropical to temperate latitudes
  • Features:
    • They live on the seafloor or hover just slightly above it at depths of depths of 3000 to 4000 m (9800 to 13000 ft).
    • They are small animals, around 8 inches tall, and have a pair of fins located on their mantle and webbing between their arms.
    • The octopuses also have a single line of about 65-68 suckers along each arm.
    • Unlike most octopuses, this sea creature doesn’t have ink sacs, which are normally used as a defensive mechanism
    • It uses its ear-like fins to propel through the water and steers using its webbed arms.
    • Diet: It consumes snails, worms and other creatures that live near the ocean floor.